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Automation is at the core of every project we deliver and since 2004 DesignPro Automation has gained a reputation in the Medical Device sector as a highly professional machine builder to some of the world’s largest multinationals. Our core process design and build capabilities have grown from strength to strength and with our move into a 110,000 facility in 2015 we are now firmly established as one of Irelands largest machine build facilities. This progression gave us the opportunity to further develop our expertise in key areas such as robotics and vision, broadening our service lines and leading to the development of a second division – DesignPro Robotics.

Within the manufacturing sector there has been a significant increase in the demand for robot-based automation as robots and other autonomous systems continue to improve in functionality and decline in costs. As a result of this in 2018 we responded by establishing DesignPro Robotics – a dedicated division focused on advancing our robotic expertise and product offerings in the areas of collaborative, vision guided and autonomous robots. The division was launched at an exclusive Customer Event at our facility in Co. Limerick where along with a number of our key suppliers and our System Partner KUKA Robotics we showcased the latest offerings in advanced automation technologies.

Over the last 3 years the addition of our Robotics branch has brought about new team growth and new opportunities specifically in sectors such as; welding, machine tending, collaborative and mobile robots (AMR’s). We have designed a range of tending and welding cell solutions which in turn has led to the development of Irelands first robotic welding course – a collaboration between ourselves and Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board to support the labour shortage within the welding sector.



The DesignPro Organisational Chart highlighting its Automation and Robotic offerings.


Our tending range consists of four types of vision guided robotic systems, each designed for the loading and unloading of standard machines (e.g. CNC). These compact modular cells automate the handling of parts or material in an extensive range of production processes and are an ideal solution for small and medium machine shops. Their ability to run autonomously for many hours means they not only offer a higher output but reduce labour and operational costs. Due to their ability to tend 1 to 2 systems at a time the systems can be customised to adapt to a wide range of feeding and post machine operations integrating efficiently with advanced machines. With a fast, efficient install using standardised hardware the robot and vision system can be easily adapted to suit the introduction of new parts.


The DesignPro Robot Automated Tending System.


DesignPro Robotics specialises in providing a wide range of robotic welding solutions and support services to the industrial engineering sector. Our strength lies in our robotic expertise and our in-depth knowledge of the full spectrum of welding processes including pulsed MIG, CMT, LSC and PMC. Our modular automated welding solutions offer several advantages for manufacturers when implementing welding robots into their processes, including:

  • Faster, consistent cycle times
  • An increase in production
  • A safer work environment
  • A better weld quality

As system integrators, we can help you to create the best work cell solution and robot based on your specific manufacturing and product requirements. For many, getting started with a robotic welding automation project may seem like a daunting task at first, but your success lies in breaking the project down into steps & choosing the right system integrator. Our services include:

  • Conduct part evaluations & provide weld samples to prove our capabilities
  • Provide system training in our facility
  • Involve your welding department personnel in the selection process
  • Take ownership of the complete system design
  • Use robots that are designed for arc welding & have the appropriate software
  • ISO Certification


The welding sector as an industry has seen significant changes both nationally and internationally over the last 5 years, in particular, the constantly evolving technology and widening skills gaps in the workforce. It was primarily for these reasons that we approached the ETB in early 2019 to collaborate on a Robotic Welding Traineeship to support the growing demands in the welding sector. As a result of the success of this course (100% pass rate), we have gone on to develop two industry-level welding courses, Essential and Advanced Robotic Welding Programming. Each course is focused on helping our customers to discover how they can harness emerging automation technologies in order to have a positive impact on their business by; enhancing productivity, reducing downtime and increasing product quality.


DesignPro Robotic Welding Course.

In the last 12 months we have accumulated a strong customer base in the area of robotics and in order to make sure that we continue to educate and add value to our clients we have made the decision to expand our online network to include a dedicated DesignPro Robotics LinkedIn page. This platform will support the DesignPro Robotics website in delivering content to update our customers on our latest projects and service offerings whilst keeping them at the forefront of the latest developments in robotics.
Follow our dedicated DesignPro Robotics LinkedIn Page to get news & updates on our welding & tending solutions direct to your news feed.

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