Vision Systems

Vision systems are a key component of ensuring product quality and assurance. More and more the evolution of automation in the MedTech industry has focused on the ability to assess components both visually and functionally. Developments in technologies such as sensor and vision systems connected through IO-Link allow for vast improvements in our machine diagnostics and accuracy resulting in reduced downtime and higher outputs.

Inspection Capabilities

Extensive knowledge in vision inspection applications from basic placement guidance through to high-speed camera inspection.

Integration & Quality

Our vision systems are integrated to ensure high-speed quality control to increase production, minimise defects and reduce costs.

Research & Development

In-house R&D expertise facilitates proof of concept work to test environment influences, lighting, lens and camera MP prior to full build.

Vision systems we have integrated include:

Cognex In-Sight 7000 Series

The In-Sight 7000 series vision systems are the premier offering by Cognex to handle most industrial vision applications. This series has a wide range of smart cameras available offering both cost-effective and high-performance models.

In-Sight smart cameras are configured using In-Sight explorer. A hands-on programming environment that allows a great deal of configuration of the many software tools offered by Cognex in this range. In particular, the PatMax and SurfaceFlaw detection tools offer the reliability needed for a vision system integration to be successful in the long term.

Keyence CV-X

The CV-X range of vision systems from Keyence are a good choice for multi-camera systems where effortless communication and convenient configuration are required. Programming is done directly on the CV-X controller with all tools configurable through a user-friendly interface.

This range offers great configuration aids for the available lighting options, such as Lumitrax. Where lighting can be configured as part of the camera setup directly on the controller. Similar support is offered to provide automatic robot-vision calibration for robotic guidance applications in the CV-X configuration software.

Beckhoff TwinCAT Vision

TwinCat Vision is a new offering by Beckhoff Automation. It is vision software developed to run directly on a Beckhoff PLC and can be run in tandem with motion control or other automation tasks.

TwinCat Vision is programmed using structured text in the TwinCat XAE programming environment. It is extremely flexible and an ideal choice for inspections where customized software tools are needed to deliver results.

TwinCat Vision works with the GigE industrial camera standard, which means access to a much wider range of camera types compared with smart camera systems.

GigE Vision

GigE Vision is an industrial camera standard that allows greater flexibility in vision system design. A GigE camera can be used with any compatible software solution, giving greater choice than a typical smart camera system. A GigE camera solution may work out as the most cost-effective depending on system requirements.

Vision Sensors

Vision sensors are an effective technology that fills the gap between traditional sensors and full-fledged vision systems. They are budget-friendly and allow end-users to add valuable feedback to their automated process.

Vision sensors can be used for presence detection, measurement, defect detection and pattern matching.


Lighting and lens selection are crucial parts of any vision system integration. Our solutions are developed in-house in our research and development lab and trialled on sample products from our customers. As integrators, we consider the in-house design of our vision systems a key responsibility. Giving us confidence in our outcomes when it comes to the installation and testing of the final system.