Special Purpose Machines

Delivering bespoke solutions demands detailed planning, strong project management and close communication with our customers. Every machine is tailored to suit your specific production requirements, manufactured to the highest quality and supported by excellent after sales service.


We understand that every project is unique. We collaborate closely with your team and adapt to suit your specific needs.


We build strong working relationships through our open approach and detailed project documentation.

Innovative Design

Pushing boundaries to elevate the manufacturing industry and deliver you the best possible solution.

Our full portfolio our automation capabilities include:

Product Transfer Systems

Our product transfer systems simplify and accelerate the manufacturing process to facilitate the quick and easy movement of all types of products. We work with trusted manufacturers to provide a solution that will complement any transfer application your company may have. Product transfer systems we have integrated include:

  • Rotary/Index Table
  • Servo Timing Belt Transfer
  • Conveyors
  • Puck & Palette
  • XTS
Product Handling

Product handling processes are essential to any assembly production line and can facilitate the movement of tens of thousands of parts per hour. From simple small batch assembly to high-volume production, we can offer an efficient, high-performance system. Product handling solutions we have integrated include:

  • Pick and Place
  • High Speed Pneumatics
Assembly Processes

The proper choice of assembly method is critical to any production process as it influences the production rate, quality and cost of the product for the manufacturer. Assembly processes we have integrated include:

  • Fastening
  • Pressing
  • Hydraulic
  • Gluing
  • Ultrasonic Impulse Welding
  • Laser Welding
Feed Systems

DesignPro can offer a wide variety of solutions to suit any specific feeder system requirements. Depending on the particular product this can be achieved through a customised or standardised design or by collaborating with one of our specialised partners who have the ability to manufacturer high speed, high volume feeding systems with optimum handling and reliability. Our systems will feed and orientate your products carefully, guaranteeing a consistent and accurate flow of components into your production line.
Feed systems we have integrated include:

  • Coli Feeder
  • Flexibowl
  • Vibrator Feeder
Product Treatment

Our range of product treatment systems offer a reliable and cost effective solution to a number of problems that can affect productivity in the manufacturing environment. Whether it is eliminating accumulated static electricity or a need to streamline a drying process, these options will increase production speed and reduce reject rates. Product treatment solutions we have integrated are:

  • Static Eliminator
  • UV Curing
  • Air Conditioning
  • Plasma Treatment
Product Tracking

Any combination of track and trace functions can be realized in our design solutions. Our integrated systems have the ability to identify 1D and 2D codes. If required this system can provide valuable production data. Product tracking solutions we have integrated are:

QR Coding Scanners

Product Marking

A wide range of marking systems can be realised in our design solutions. Our integrated systems have the ability to label or mark 1D and 2D codes with valuable production information text. Product marking solutions we have integrated include:

  • Laser marking
  • Labeling

Robotic systems with their flexibility and high-precision repeatability can be quickly integrated into any production flow allowing companies to strengthen their manufacturing competitiveness. Robotic systems we have integrated include:

  • Scara
  • Six Axis
  • Delta
  • Clean Room
  • Industrial
  • FlexPicker
Control Platforms

Control platforms are at the heart of any process manufacturing operation whether they are regulating processes, reporting vital information, communicating with field instrumentation or interacting with other enterprise software. Our solutions accelerate development, increase throughput, minimise scrap and maximise overall equipment effectiveness. Control systems we have integrated include:

  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s)
  • Human Monitor Interface (HMI’s)
Inspection & Testing

Whether you need to incrementally track progress on an assembly machine or an entire system dedicated to one specific critical test, we can design and custom build an automated testing and inspection machine to ensure your product passes the highest quality standards. We have integrated the following test & inspection systems:

  • Vision Inspection
  • Electrical Testing
  • Leak & Pressure Decay

Customers we work with include:

our customer - 3M
our customer - merck
our customer - medtronic
our customer - valeo
our customer - stryker
our customer - johnson & johnson