DesignPro Tender for CFD Modelling

We have published a tender for CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) modelling for the performance of hydrokinetic turbines. This is the second request for tender issued as part of our EU Horizon 2020 project to commercialise small-scale hydrokinetic turbines to produce renewable energy from river flows. The first tender was for a certified river or estuary test site to carry out environmental and operational testing for a 25kW (kilowatt) turbine. The CFD work is essential to the project to assess and validate the turbines performance and to provide the necessary support to upscale the device from a prototype to 25kW and 60kW commercial designs.

The requested company must be able to provide services in numerical modelling, CFD and strength calculations to both further develop the existing models using data collected from experimental testing, evaluate that data and develop more advanced models that would assist in the design, fabrication, testing and marketing activities. There is a considerable amount of data available from previous testing of a prototype in the Limerick Docks and we have both 2D and 3D CFD models for this device, worldwide patents pending. Upscaling the device will require extensive use of fluid dynamics modelling and technical analysis.

The specific services required to complete the development programme as well as the minimum qualifications necessary to deliver these services is provided in the tender document. The deadline is the 30th of August. To view the full tender request, submit an expression of interest or a tender proposal, you can register on the etenders website.