DesignPro Tender for Hydrokinetic River Test Site

We are looking for a certified river or estuary test site to deploy and test a 25kW (kilowatt) hydrokinetic turbine. This is part of our €2.7 Million EU Horizon 2020 project to commercialise small scale hydrokinetic river turbines. The project kicked off on the 1st of July and is well underway. The turbine’s performance has already been proven and the technology is currently a TRL (technology readiness level) 6. We will undertake the design and fabrication of the device, which will be supplied to the test site for testing, performance optimisation and performance validation.

An RFT (request for tender) has been issued and is currently live on the etenders website. The tender outlines the scope of work required to validate the turbines performance. Test sites will need to be available to accommodate the device in the last quarter of 2017 for a period of 6 months and will be required to assess environmental and operational testing across a range of relevant service parameters. This includes environmental impact of the unit, the physical performance of the turbines and electrical power output from the units throughout the 6 month period.

If you are interested, you can register on the etenders website to view the tender document in full, submit an expression of interest and following that a tender proposal. The deadline for tender is the 13th of August. Following a successful testing phase, we are aiming to advance the TRL and prepare the technology for full commercial deployment.