Mastering Precision: Insights into High-Precision Robotics

Mastering Precision: Insights into High-Precision Robotics

robots in wound dressing assembly machine

Revolutionising Manufacturing with High-Precision Robotic Integration

Welcome to the forefront of manufacturing innovation, where High-Precision Robotic Integration is reshaping industries. Discover the expertise of DesignPro Automation, a leading force in robotic integration, specialising in the medical device, pharmaceutical, and automotive sectors.

Unveiling Expertise in High-Precision Robotics

Precision Across Industries

Experience unparalleled precision as we specialise in integrating high-precision robots with smaller payloads. Our expertise is evident in our project portfolio which includes the handling of complex parts such as lenses and medical device components across a variety of industries.

Versatile Robotic Applications

Unlock the potential of robotics with our team’s proficiency in various applications, including product transfer, assembly, testing, vision systems, high-speed pick and place, simulation, and end-of-arm tooling. We provide tailored solutions to meet the unique requirements of your projects.

Navigating the High-Precision Robotics Landscape

Vision Integration Excellence

Our integration services ensure seamless communication between multiple vision systems, guaranteeing precise component alignment, accurate product location, valuable feedback to robots, efficient product picking, and pattern identification.

Multi-platform Integration

From large-scale robots (10kg) to smaller counterparts (3kg), our expertise spans diverse projects, ranging from standalone cells to full production lines. Experience precision-driven automation designed to meet your specific needs.

End Of Arm Tooling Excellence

Discover the future of automation with our customised End Of Arm Tooling (EOAT). Engineered for reduced wiring and easy service delivery to the robot arm, our EOAT solutions maximise efficiency in high-precision applications.

Robotic Systems We’ve Mastered

Scara Robotics

Ideal for vertical assembly operations, Scara robots excel in tasks like inserting pins in holes without binding.

Six Axis Robotics

Offering unparalleled directional control, six-axis robots are suitable for complex movements, simulating a human arm in various applications.

Delta Robotics

High-speed assembly robots with 3, 4, or 6 axes, providing versatility comparable to the human hand. An ideal alternative to complicated and expensive hard automation.

Cleanroom Robotics

Engineered with special coatings and seals, our cleanroom robots meet the strictest criteria. Corrosion-resistant surfaces and food-compatible lubricants ensure the highest hygiene standards.

Industrial Robotics

The FlexPicker®, designed for packing applications, boasts the fastest picking capability, outstanding motion performance, precision accuracy, and high payloads.

Special Purpose Machines

Explore our capabilities in special-purpose machines, vision systems, product marking/cutting, product transfer, product feeding systems, test & inspection, proof of concept, and more.

Partnering for Success

Market Sectors We’ve Transformed

Surgical Robotics

Redefining automation in wound dressing applications.

Orthopaedic Robotics

Elevating automation in knee & hip implant processes.

Cardiovascular Robotics

Innovating solutions for catheter packaging with precision-driven robotics.

Your Automation Journey Begins Here

Whether you’re entering the world of automation or seeking to enhance existing processes, DesignPro is your trusted partner. Explore our process catalogue, download our company brochure, and initiate discussions about your high-precision robotics integration project today.

Embark on the future of manufacturing with precision and innovation.