Yuanda Robotics & DesignPro Delivering Advanced Robotic Technology


Yuanda Robotics collaborative robot, Yu – the industrial power tool that can see, feel and learn.

This month marks a significant milestone in the portfolio of offerings from DesignPro Automation as they join forces with Yuanda Robotics, a Hannover based company, to offer the latest advancement in robotic technology – a collaborative robot with integrated vision intelligence.
In their 2019 report the International Federation of Robotics stated that from 2017 to 2018 there was an increase of 23% in the number of industrial collaborative robots installed in factories around the world. These robots are one of the fastest-growing segments in robotics and are becoming a potential game-changer for small and mid-size manufacturers seeking to boost productivity. Designed to enhance the capabilities of human workers rather than replace them, cobots are safe for people to interact with, easy to program and inexpensive to install.
Yuanda Robotics collaborative robot is unique in its offering in that the vision system is fully integrated, allowing it to operate as a standalone system. Founded by German engineers and the Shenyang Yuanda Aluminium Industry Group, Yuanda Robotics was established to advance the evolution of robotics, their goal, to make robots accessible to everyone and as easy to use as a smartphone. On the vision of the company Georg Glasewald, Robot Creator, Yuanda Robotics GmbH said,

“Our vision is to think further than existing solutions. Our robot enables all users to master complex technologies with intuitive programming. This way we are introducing machine learning and artificial intelligence in an accessible way to a new audience. With DesignPro Automation as our partner, we are able to increase our global network to offer intelligent and customised solutions to the market.” 

The Yuanda Robot combines advanced design and sophisticated technology, it aims to define new standards in the quickly growing field of collaborative robotics. Advanced sensor technology ensures safe collaboration with humans as well as the skilful handling of objects. Intelligent learning systems drive automated processes making it an ideal solution for a wide range of industries. Hardware and software interfaces are intuitive and easily accessible to every user. The robot’s overall ease of use significantly reduces time and cost for setup and integration.

This innovative cobot will be a welcomed addition to DesignPros already extensive portfolio of robotic offerings from KUKA and OTTO Motors which includes; compact high-speed robots, scara, automated arc welding robots and autonomous intelligent vehicles (AIVs). With over 16 years’ experience in robotic integration the company’s knowledge and expertise made them a perfect gateway for introducing this exciting new technology into the Irish market. Redmond McDonnell, CEO, DesignPro had the following to say on the announcement of the partnership,

“DesignPro Automation are delighted to partner with such a highly innovative company.  Yuanda Robotics have developed a cutting-edge collaborative robot that we expect will generate a lot of interest in the markets that we operate in.  Its advanced sensor technology, integrated vision and ease of programming places Yuanda at the pinnacle of intuitive collaborative robots available in the market. This highly innovative product is supported by an exceptional team in Yuanda who like DesignPro place a strong emphasis on R&D and creating forward thinking technologies. We are excited about how this partnership with Yuanda Robotics will grow in the coming years.” 

A demo model will be onsite at DesignPro’s facility in Rathkeale, Co. Limerick in October 2020. To book a demonstration or learn more about how you can integrate this exciting new technology into your facility process contact DesignPro Automation at sales@designproautomation.com or call +353 (0)69 63842

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