DesignPro joins forces with leading autonomous vehicle provider OTTO Motors


The OTTO 100 – a self-driving vehicle for material handling that uses object avoidance, path planning and navigates infrastructure-free.


On the 11th November, 2019 DesignPro Automation officially became part of the OTTO Motors Partner Network. The partnership with the autonomous mobile robot provider is a significant milestone for the company as it will see DesignPro further develop out its robotics division and capitalise on OTTO’s expertise in implementing Industry 4.0 technology into today’s manufacturing environments.
According to the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) it’s estimated that the market for service robots such as autonomous intelligent vehicles (AIVs) has increased by 32% since 2017 to $9.2 billion in 2019. The largest driver of growth has traditionally been in non-manufacturing industries such as warehouse solutions but as OEM’s across all manufacturing industries are now shifting their focus to embrace new trends in technology, self-driving vehicles are emerging as one of the key elements of end-to-end traceability automation solutions.
OTTO Motors, the industrial division of Clearpath Robotics provides a range of self-driving technology for material handling inside manufacturing facilities and warehouses. The vehicles use advanced AI technology to navigate space and avoid obstacles while delivering their cargo to the desired destination. OTTO’s entry level units are designed to move boxes, bins and carts up to 100kg safely through human-dense environments and extends to units that can carry loads as heavy as 1,500 kilograms.
By developing partnerships with technology leaders in the autonomous vehicle space DesignPro will now have the ability to provide a comprehensive suite of robotic offerings to its customers which already includes; compact high-speed robots, automated arc welding, tending solutions and human collaborative robots. Redmond McDonnell, DesignPro CEO had the following to say,

“DesignPro Automation is delighted to announce this partnership with Otto Motors. It’s going to drive additional value to our solution offerings for our customers and ultimately unlock further value in their facilities. We’re aware that our customers industrial facilities must constantly adapt to changing global forces to remain competitive which makes the OTTO platform principle of ‘freedom and flexibility to modify your automation as frequently as your floor changes’ a perfect fit for us.” 

Demo models will be onsite at DesignPro’s facility in Rathkeale, Co. Limerick in January 2020. To learn more about how you can automate material handling processes into your facility contact DesignPro Automation at or call +353 (0)69 63842

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