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Automation revolutionising Medtech

How Automation Is Revolutionising The MedTech Industry

How Automation Is Revolutionising The MedTech Industry The MedTech industry is experiencing a wave of technological innovation, and automation is at the forefront. From automating manufacturing processes to utilising robotics in surgical procedures, MedTech automation is revolutionising healthcare delivery. In this blog post, we’ll explore how these advancements are changing […]


Automated Cartoning System

Automation technologies can help simplify the most complex packaging operation, saving installation time, cutting costs and minimising floorspace. In this project our client, one of the world’s largest medical device outsource manufacturers, required a fully automated linear packaging system that would utilise the flexibility of a six axis KUKA KR3 […]

leak test machine on production floor

Leak Inspection System

This project involved a collaboration with a US based global healthcare company employing approximately 94,000 staff worldwide and serving over 150 countries. The company boasts an impressive portfolio of leading, science based offerings in diagnostics, medical devices, nutritional and branded generic pharmaceuticals. The Challenge The specifications required the development of […]

robots in wound dressing assembly machine

Automated Assembly Machine

The use of robotics in the manufacture of medical devices has proven to have many key benefits including; repeatability, increased productivity and reduced costs. These were the exact requirements which were outlined by our latest client – a leading global medical technology company with a focus on advanced wound care […]