As per agreed terms on quote.


All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT. VAT should be added to each payment in appropriate cases.


Prices quoted are valid for a period of 30 days.  Prices are based on the information provided at the initial proposal stage (and the URS if applicable) and are based on a reasonable estimate of the time and costs required to complete.  If we consider that additional works are required or recommended or if the initial estimate is subsequently determined to be unreasonable as the project progresses, we shall advise you as soon as possible and will provide you with an estimate of the time required to complete, if applicable.


Delivery dates should be confirmed when placing an order as variations due to our work loading are possible. Quoted timeframes are only valid for a period of 30 days from receipt.


Start on our receipt of a written order and the first stage payment. Time frames provided for bespoke projects are subject to change and would be deemed accepted by client from the issue of purchase order. Proposed time frames are the aim of the company to deliver on but these will be evaluated during the project development and communicated to the client on a timely basis. Variation of the delivery time is subject to – new discoveries during design phase, additions requested by client, standard components delivery times fluctuations, increased debug/setup time on the project due to unknowns from the outset. Other instances can also occur due to the nature of the bespoke project but will be addressed and communicated to the client. This term is to ensure the clients acceptance and understanding of the engagement prior to placing an order.


DesignPro will not be liable for any costs due to production losses, delays or shortfalls directly or indirectly attributed to the above described machine.


A recommended spares list will be supplied with the manual it is a minimum only list to cover any minor breakdowns on the machine. DesignPro Limited does not hold a stock of individual customers’ spares and therefore cannot guarantee immediate breakdown repair unless the spare components have been purchased.


The warranty period shall be 12 months after delivery on DesignPro produced items. The warranty includes defects in material and workmanship. Standard internal components supplier warranties apply on all items not manufactured by DesignPro. A breakout of supplier warranties will be detailed within the technical construction file.

In the following cases, the client has no rights to legal warranty:

  1. When damage or defects have been intentionally caused or are a result of gross negligence;
  2. When damage or defects have been caused by incorrect or improper use of a product;
  3. When maintenance of a product has not been carried out in a timely manner or maintenance has been carried out improperly;
  4. When a product is used outside of intended use;
  5. When a product has been exposed to humidity, extreme heat, cold, or drought;
  6. When (over)heating has been caused due to exposing the product to heat sources other than those in functional operation on the system;
  7. When repairs have been carried out either by you or by a third party without first receiving the express, written permission from DesignPro Automation.
  8. In the case of normal wear and tear;
  9. In the case of external causes (such as fire, lightning, water, fall and impact damage);
  10. When the defect has been caused by a virus, illegal software, or after improper installation of other software.
  11. Any changes completed to the system including software or hardware completed by others and not under the DesignPro Automation control – with/without the knowledge of DesignPro Automation.

Any warranty claim needs to follow a warrant claim procedure that will be detailed within the technical construction file.


The machine price does not include the delivery cost and transit insurance but detailed separately for the client to include on purchase order.


Note that these goods remain the property of DesignPro Automation until the invoice is paid in full.


The above machine price does not include installation and commissioning by our engineers in your factory. Installation & commissioning is an order option, as detailed separately above.


Chargeable time will start from the time of leaving and returning to Rathkeale HQ with the hours on site agreed at the end of each working day.


In the event of any delays arising from lack of: information, component drawings, components, site readiness or any other delay caused by the customer, stage payment dates as originally agreed must be met in full.


Adequate supplies of components must be freely available for our machine trials. All components supplied must conform to agreed tolerances and qualities. Design changes to the machine and extra trial periods to cater for deviations will be charged at our normal rates.