Revolutionising Manufacturing Through Next-Gen Automation Technologies

Revolutionising Manufacturing Through Next-Gen Automation Technologies

In the evolving world of manufacturing, DesignPro Automation is pioneering a revolution through advanced automation technologies. Tailored solutions, meticulous planning, and transparent communication define our commitment to quality and innovation.


Flexible Solutions for Unique Projects

Collaborate closely with our team for adaptable solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our transparent approach builds strong relationships, ensuring a seamless experience.

Innovative Design Redefining Possibilities

At Design Pro Automation, our focus on innovative design pushes boundaries, delivering unparalleled solutions and elevating the manufacturing industry.

Automation Capabilities Overview:

1. Product Transfer Systems

Simplify and accelerate your manufacturing process with our integrated transfer systems, including Rotary/Index Table, Servo Timing Belt Transfer, Conveyors, Puck & Palette, and XTS.

2. Product Handling

Efficient handling processes are crucial. Our high-performance systems cover Pick and Place and High-Speed Pneumatics.

3. Assembly Processes

Choose from various assembly methods influencing production rate, quality, and cost, such as Fastening, Pressing, Hydraulic, Gluing, Ultrasonic Impulse Welding, and Laser Welding.

4. Feed Systems

Customised or standardised designs ensure a consistent flow of components. Integrated feed systems include Coli Feeder, Flexibowl, and Vibrator Feeder.

5. Product Treatment

Address productivity challenges with reliable treatment solutions, including Static Eliminator, UV Curing, Air Conditioning, and Plasma Treatment.

6. Product Tracking

Facilitate track and trace functions with our design solutions, identifying 1D and 2D codes using QR Coding Scanners.

7. Product Marking

Mark products with precision using Laser Marking and Labeling systems, incorporating valuable production information.

8. Robotics

Enhance manufacturing competitiveness with flexible and precise robotic systems, including Scara, Six Axis, Delta, Clean Room, Industrial, and FlexPicker.

9. Control Platforms

Our integrated control platforms, including Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s) and Human-Machine Interface (HMI’s), form the heart of any manufacturing operation.

10. Inspection & Testing

Ensure the highest quality standards with our integrated testing and inspection systems, covering Vision Inspection, Electrical Testing, and Leak & Pressure Decay.

At Design Pro Automation our commitment to technical innovation and design excellence is evident in our comprehensive suite of automation capabilities. Explore the future of manufacturing with us, setting new standards and revolutionising processes.