The Challenge

  • Design an assembly and packaging line manufactured for a Filtration Component.
  • 4 different product sizes and 2 variations thus accounting for 8 versions.
  • Product required to be flow wrapped in sterilised pouches.
  • Design and installation confined to a specific production line floor space.
  • Control system needed to be Allen Bradley thus all drives the same and utilizing a device-net base network.
  • Minimal mechanical changeovers as possible, with all machine components adhering to a clean room classification.
  • Line required to produce 1200 units per hour.

Our Solution

  • A successful new production line based on a simplistic approach to the automation solution – a solution that was not over engineered.
  • 20 week project timeline with timely design reviews showing milestone processes at each stage of the project right through to the installation and site acceptance testing.
  • The final outcome of the project was a fully automated line taking the components through 16 operations ranging from:
  • Pick & Place operations
  • Linear walking beams
  • Lid & base Escapement systems
  • Bottle tray conveyor transfer & stacking

Benefit to the Customer

  • Improved Quality
  • Repeatability
  • Reduced headcount and product handling
  • Increased machine availability
  • Reduced production cost

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